Hartbrook is committed to helping individuals in our local community. We wanted to connect with someone in need on a personal level, and we wanted our clients to see exactly who they were supporting. Working with Magic Moments offered the best way to satisfy these principles.

Magic Moments fulfills the non-medical requests of Alabama children, providing them the opportunity to turn away from illness and suffering and feel what it is like to be a kid again. These requests are tailored to each child’s wants and needs and vary from VIP trips to Disney World to meeting a favorite celebrity.

We sponsor one child at a time, meeting with him or her to form a personal connection. We explain to the family our mission and how we will fulfill it through the sales of made to measure clothing.

We feel incredibly blessed to work with and support such an amazing organization.


In 2013, Hartbrook sponsored the trip of a lifetime for five year old Joshua to Disney World. Joshua was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma as an infant. After battling this critical illness, Joshua, who loves Spiderman, cast his web over this cancer and defeated it. We want Joshua and his family to celebrate the continued positive reports from his doctors. What makes this success even greater is that Joshua’s father also beat colon cancer that was diagnosed not long before Joshua was born. We were blessed to be asked to help Joshua, his parents, and his four brothers celebrate their victory over cancer by sending them all to Disney World.


In 2012 we sponsored Ally’s request to go to New York Fashion Week. Ally had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and while this disease and its treatment have been a difficult road, she is doing remarkably well. We have been blessed to know Ally and her family. As we were working with Ally we discovered that not only is she a talented, aspiring fashion designer, but also she has a remarkable singing voice.

We are amazed by Ally’s insurmountable courage. When we gifted the trip to Ally, she was in the hospital receiving treatment for her cancer. When Magic Moments followed up with Ally to arrange for her to work with local designer Heidi Elnora, she was back at Children’s Hospital, but this time not for her cancer. Ally was delivering Easter baskets to the other children and encouraging them. Ally has such a positive influence on others and radiates a special strength.