Your bride did not rent her dress. Why would you rent your suit?

At Hartbrook, we believe the true gentleman puts just as much thought and care into his suit as a bride does into her dress. After all, while most eyes will be on your bride, her eyes will be solely focused on you. Let us create the perfect suit made just for you and we promise you’ll look and feel like the man she deserves. Because the most important day of your life shouldn’t be spent in someone else’s clothes.

Our Process

1: A personal consultation to discuss the attire for you and your groomsmen
2: Select from a wealth of fabric and style options to customize the perfect suit
3: Undergo 15 different measurements to tailor your suit to fit your unique body perfectly
4: Receive your suit and Hartbrook ensures all groom attire is ready for the wedding day
5: Look great in your suit on your wedding day and for years to come

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