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All of our clothing is made to measure for one client and one client only. You will immediately feel the difference when you try on one of our jackets, trousers, suits, or shirts. Furthermore, others will be able to see the difference. Made to measure clothing matches the natural contours of the body and will provide comfort and style.

Made to measure clothing imbues the wearer with a sense of confidence that cannot be said of off the rack garments. We wanted to go a step further, however, and offer our clients something other clothiers simply cannot: a sense of purpose rooted in giving. A portion of each purchase goes toward funding a Magic Moments trip for a critically ill child and their family. These transformative trips give children who have spent too much of their lives in hospital beds and families who have spent too many nights crowded around them, a joyful escape from these daily trials. These trips offer hope and something to look forward to, allowing these children to push on through their darkest hours. In light of the difference made in these children’s lives by your purchase, each time you put on our clothing, it will be worn with purpose.